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Welcome 2018

2017年 Commodores有了更大既突破: 贏得數個青少年比賽冠軍; 成為首隊香港球隊打美國AAU賽事; 更剛剛成功在香港跟美國球會合作舉行首屆冬季訓練營!!

踏入2018年, 球會人數已躍升至60多人; 期望新一年球會在本地賽事可以再創佳績, 暑假再去挑戰AAU&作地獄式集訓

We know 2018 has already begun! Team Commodores hope that everyone had a blazing start to the year. With an eventful and successful 2017 behind us, where we won a series of local youth leagues championship; became the 1st team in Hong Kong to participate and won in AAU tournament in Las Vegas ans held our very own Winter Basketball Camp in Hong Kong with our sister club, the Huskies, 2018 will only get better as we grow in numbers and return to Vegas for more training and competition!! Happy 2018!!

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