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20190210 Commodores 義工活動: 社區服務(保護香港這個家)

農曆新年初六 星期日Commodores 球會跟隨本地義工機構 "清徑先鋒" 的義工團隊到元荃古道清理山徑上的垃圾。

球會成員眾多, 大家兩隊人分成不同小隊, 沿途跟著其他有經驗的義工前輩, 一手拿着夾, 一手執着垃圾袋, 清理行山人仕所留下的垃圾(紙巾, 食物包裝紙, 煙頭, 膠樽數量瘋狂的佈滿整段山徑!)

整整5小時的行山執垃圾活動對很多隊員相信又新奇, 又很有挑戰感。根據大會統計, 今日共拾獲30.5KG 垃圾! 證明香港如此聞名海外的行山徑非常需要更多人去關注它們的清潔和加強環境保育的工作及意識。

再次感激清徑先鋒的指導/協助, 令一眾隊員可以貢獻其中, 為大自然以及香港這個家出一份力!

The C's collaborated with local volunteer group, "Trailsweeper" to clean up one of our local hiking trails in Tsuen Wan, NT today. It was a first time experience for many of our young team members. The amount of empty bottles, tissues, cigarette buns and garbages collected along the trails are enough to fill multiple Basketball Courts!! Protecting and preserving our environment is definitely something every HK citizen should do. We are proud to participate in today's trail sweeping event and hope to do more in the future to continue make a difference in the city. We can't just make a difference on the court; off the court is where effort and hardwork also count and matters. Valuable lesson learnt today. Grateful for the experience

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