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Keep our heads up

毅霸盃Season2 U19 第二場

克服第一節水土不服 Seniors合力打出近期佳作

U19小隊星期日早上再投入毅霸盃比賽。開波未有狀態, 曾經落後9分; 調整後, 進攻上不停搏得對手犯規, 逐分追到半場平手。第三節更打出15-0攻勢, 內外線夾攻, 大比數領先到完場, 以43:30取得"第一勝"。

Commodores played their 2nd match of the U19 tournament. The team struggled right out of the gate, but came alive in the 2nd & 3rd quarter, the seniors scoring&hustle broke open the game while our shooter played the role of defensive stopper today and locked down the opponent best scorer; coupled by the opponent's careless mistakes and performance by team's birthday boy leading the charge and out-rebounded the other team by himself, The C's claim a valuable win to start this month's busy schedule.

With more games coming up, the seniors will be expected to carry more of the load while the young guns focus on their exams for school.

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