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Commodores girls played their first Slamdunk Tournament

入樽計劃2018首場分組賽 女子隊首度出戰 6人陣容首次合作

義工服務完成, 緊接就到正式籃球比賽。Commodores Girls亦首次參戰; 雖然人數較少, 但都初次表現不錯。 由中段曾落後13分, 到第四節尾段追至兩分之差。只可惜最後一撃射失, 以37:40結束首場賽事。期待之後加強默契, 下場把握得更好

divisional match after our effort with the community and social services; although the team was just formed last year, the players have quickly meshed together well and it showed a glimpse of hope today. The trio of @cyinwing_cyw @joslyn.p & @w.hlll had a strong debut together, while @funny_girl_whm overcame her back injury to give a valiant effort on the boards to keep the game close. With more time together, this team will only get better

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