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Build & Wish Voluntary Team

Commodores球會 2018年第二次社區服務

繼昨日義工後, 球會今天跟YWCA, 中西區民政事務處以及 BUILD & WISH 建祝義工隊到了山頂參加《漂夢市集》。 活動主題係以物易物,跟鄰里、區內的基層家庭及孩子交流分享。球隊以最快時間設計了兩個有趣既小攤位遊戲, 跟唔同既小朋友, 參加人士互動; 球員都好投入, 有耐心地教導小孩子玩遊戲, 贏左更有特別禮物送!! Commodores小攤位可以話係整個下午活動最高人氣既一個!!

The C's volunteering squad traveled to the tourist filled Peak for another valuable and eventful community outreach programme today. The team designed a couple of fun games such as shooting our hand-made hoop to win adorable gifts we have prepared for the participants. Kids had a good time and so did our team members. Community outreach and giving back tp society will continue to remain an important aspect of our club team programme!!

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