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20170211 Community

20170211 Commodores 義工活動: 社區服務。

球隊今天去到位於上水既"可愛忠實之家" 作義工服務。

「可愛忠實之家」(Home of Loving Faithfulness),成立於1965年。由有心人士打理, 負責養育一班慘遭家人離棄, 嚴重智障或殘缺的孩子。

球隊成員 今次集中把這班孩子既家變得更加新淨! 用了一個下午把前園既安全圍欄油上新既油漆! 希望把可愛既家變得更加漂亮

The C's made a trip to sheung shui, to the "Home of Loving Faithfulness" to help out needed by re-painting their gates and surroundings! It was a wonderful experience for the young men on this squad. We strive to be more than just a regular basketball team.

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