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2016 Updates

*UPDATE:過去兩年,試過一場籃球比賽輸掉了超過50分、係香港本土嘅比賽從來冇贏過、還涉及過一些毫無意義嘅人事糾紛。但我地保持住一步一步咁慢慢進步嘅心態,從挫折中領悟,打出更好嘅表現,總算係2015年取得了少少嘅成績(迎來了難能可貴嘅第一勝)。嚟到新的一年,COMMODORES將會使用全新嘅TEAM LOGO。

我哋相信,新的隊徽可以代表到我哋這隊人嘅成長。2015年我哋踏出了第一步; 2016年將會係一個全新的開始,我哋會變成一隊更有競爭力同令人難忘的球隊,令更多人認同我哋。希望我哋呢班年青人可以繼續努力,為目標和夢想啟航。


*UPDATE: We keep up the good work & progress we made in the past two years into 2016. In this New Year, we begin by introducing a brand new TEAM LOGO for HK COMMODORES. We believe this new representation of our team will help define how far our team has come. We started from losing over 50 points in a basketball game; involving in meaningless thug-of-war conflict and personnel changes to never winning game until the calendar turned 2015.

We are moving past those stages now. We are essentially a 'different' team than what we started out to be. 2016 will be a brand new start, and an even better period where The C's become a legitimate, competitive and unforgettable ball club that people will cheer for. We comprise of teenagers, adults, basketball die-hards from all around the world, and we set sail, riding the tides of hard-work, dedication and determination to 'anchor' our goals, aspiration and dreams.


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